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Seasonal stanchions being installed on South Franklin Street

July 22, 2019 – News

To help alleviate the issue of pedestrians walking in the roadway during the busy summer season, stanchions are being installed along a short section of South Franklin Street from Manila Square to the crosswalk directly across from the Archipelago lot.

This is a project of the City and Borough of Juneau, in coordination with Tourism Best Management Practices (TBMP). The goal is to improve pedestrian safety and vehicle flow through the South Franklin corridor by restricting pedestrians from crossing the street outside of marked crosswalks. If successful, the bollards with connecting chain may be extended along both sides of South Franklin Street in a future pedestrian corridor improvement project.

The stanchions will be installed on a seasonal basis only. They will be removed at the end of the tourist season (around October 1), and be reinstalled for the next season around May 15. CBJ has obtained a Special Use Permit for this improvement from the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities since this section of South Franklin Street is within the state’s Right of Way.

For more information, contact CBJ Engineer Lori Sowa at 586-0875 or TBMP Coordinator Kirby Day at 907-364-7250.