School district finalized negotiations with Juneau Education Association

May 16, 2019 – News

The Juneau Education Association (JEA) and Juneau School District (JSD) Bargaining Team finalized negotiations for a successor agreement on May 15.

The team previously completed non-economic items. The team negotiated for over 11 hours while discussing wages, retirement, health care, pay for meetings after hours, and the length of the contract year.

The team will meet on May 16 to finalize the contract and expect to have a final Tentative Agreement to distribute by May 17 to members of the Juneau Education Association and the Juneau School Board. Details of the contract will be released to the public after the board and membership have reviewed the contract. JEA has scheduled a ratification vote for May 22.

The JEA bargaining unit is the District’s largest employee association, representing 349 educators and certified staff in the Juneau School District. JEA is a local affiliate of NEA-Alaska.

For more information, contact JSD Superintendent Bridget Weiss at or JEA President Laura Mulgrew at