School Board considers interim superintendent for permanent position, comment on or by Jan. 8

December 20, 2018 – News, Notices for Public Comment

The Juneau School District Board of Education is in the process of identifying a permanent superintendent for the Juneau School District. After gathering feedback from the community about the district’s needs, the board created a preferred candidate profile.

Now, they are looking at that profile in relation to the qualifications of Interim Superintendent Dr. Bridget Weiss, who has expressed interest in the permanent position. The decision to either appoint Weiss or to conduct a search will be made at the January 8, 2019, regular school board meeting at 6 pm in the Thunder Mountain Library.

The board is asking for input from stakeholders on appointing Dr. Weiss to the permanent position. Comments can be submitted to or presented during public testimony at the meeting on January 8.

Please read the Letter of Interest from Dr. Bridget Weiss, Resume for Dr. Bridget Weiss, the candidate profile and superintendent position description, which can all be found here.

The profile outlines a leader who is a positive role model for staff and students, and a competent instructional leader with a strong vision for the school district. The person would be experienced in collective bargaining and building relationships with employee associations, decision making and delegating. A visible, proactive communicator who is transparent, honest and responsive. This manager would have a strong work ethic and high expectations for the staff. The preferred candidate is actively involved in and connected to the community and has administrative experience in a large organization with a large budget.

So far in the selection process, hundreds of employees, parents, guardians and community members have participated through public meetings, an online survey, and public comments.

Participation in a Thoughtexchange online survey identified a number of themes and top thoughts related to the superintendent position. The most common thoughts prioritized local hire and long term commitment. The top themes are local long term residence, leadership, communications, community relationships, experience, cultural awareness. View the Thoughtexchange survey comments and results here.

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