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Residents from Lemon Creek to Tee Harbor asked to voluntarily conserve water

June 29, 2022 – News

Sustained dry weather has caused higher demands on the City and Borough of Juneau’s Mendenhall Valley water storage. The Engineering & Public Works Department is asking residents from Lemon Creek to Tee Harbor to be conscientious about their water use until further notice. This voluntary water conservation request should not significantly impact normal water usage activities. We only ask that residents turn off water when not in use and sparingly water their lawns and gardens. These modest actions can help reduce the demand on the Valley water storage and assist our community through this unusually dry period.

Water for this area comes from the Salmon Creek Reservoir water station. CBJ will notify the public once typical weather patterns resume and the water storage tanks are back to normal levels. CBJ appreciates the community’s voluntary efforts to conserve water.

CBJ residents outside of Lemon Creek to Tee Harbor are not affected.

For more information, contact Chad P. Gubala at CBJ’s Water Utility Office at 907-586-0393.