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Planning Month: The Switzer/Marriott Trail

October 8, 2019 – News

We’ve all heard the saying: “Back in my day, we had to walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways!” For some folks who grew up in Juneau and attended Dzantik’I Heeni Middle School, this old saying may not be far from the truth. Taking the trail to school, especially in the winter, could be quite the adventure – Will I slip on the boardwalk today? What if I lose a boot in the mud?

Today, kids still use the Switzer/Marriott Trail to get to school, and for a while the trail wasn’t in great shape.

In 2016, CDD staff began the public outreach process for the Lemon Creek Area Plan. Around the same time Juneau Parks & Recreation began public outreach for the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. Both plans identify the important role that the trail plays in connecting the surrounding residential neighborhoods and the school. The importance of the trail was also discussed in the Juneau Safe Routes to School Plan.

Through these planning processes, the Juneau Rotary Clubs became aware of the trail’s importance and wanted to use grant funds for improvements. Rotary, Trail Mix, Inc., Juneau Community Foundation, and CBJ partnered to rebuild 1,900 feet of trail, replaced three bridges (one with a former gangway provided by CBJ Docks & Harbors!), and replaced boardwalk and steps with a 4-foot wide gravel path. The Switzer/Marriott Trail project ensure that this valuable community connection will be accessible to more users and will continue to be an asset to the Lemon Creek neighborhood.