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People of CBJ: Dr. Lindy Jones

April 10, 2020 – News

“The community is very serious about doing what’s right for Juneau. My hope is that the dedication and commitment to do so continues because this is going to unfold over the next couple of months. We need that determination if we’re going to flatten the curve. We can take care of people if they’re ill, but we can’t let our healthcare system get overwhelmed. By following the Hunker Down order, there’s a good chance we’re going to be fine.”

Dr. Lindy Jones is the Medical Director for the Emergency Department at @Bartlett Regional Hospital. When he’s not on the front lines of COVID-19, he likes to do woodwork. For the past three years, Dr. Jones has crafted a mahogany-maple rocker boat for the first born baby of the year at BRH. He delivered babies for years at Bartlett Beginnings before joining the Emergency Department.