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November property tax delinquency list was incorrect; list taken offline November 23

November 24, 2021 – News

Every month, the City and Borough of Juneau Finance Department posts a list of property owners with delinquent property taxes on its website. On November 8, the Finance Department posted an inaccurate list that included many owners whose property tax payments are, indeed, up-to-date. A member of the public notified CBJ of this error and the list was taken down November 23. The Finance Department apologizes for any confusion created by the inaccurate published list.

Delinquent property taxes is public information and municipalities around the country publish such lists. CBJ Finance Department posts the list online in two places (here and here) around the first week of the month and updates it on a monthly basis.

The recent error stems from a new way CBJ is collecting property tax payments. Up until this year, property owners were required to pay property taxes in full by September 30. Following an ordinance passed in August, property owners can now pay 80 percent of their property tax balance by September 30 and the remainder of the balance by December 31. The Finance Department’s system that processes property taxes did not take this update into account when it produced a list of delinquent property tax payers. Again, the Finance Department apologizes for the error.

The Finance Department will post a new updated property tax delinquency list on its website after January 1, 2022, and will continue its monthly updates thereafter.

For more information, contact Finance Director Jeff Rogers at 907-723-6907 or jeff.rogers@juneau.org.