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New JPD positions will expedite service, improve 911 response

November 13, 2019 – News

The Juneau Police Department is adding two new positions in its Communications Center to ensure calls for emergencies and calls for service are addressed promptly and attentively. Two call takers will join 11 dispatchers and two dispatch leads. JPD is currently hiring for the call taker positions; the application period closes December 2.

Communications Center staff field 7,000 to 12,000 business-line phone calls per month. Twenty calls per hour – not including 911 calls – is common during a dayshift. Currently, callers experience frequent interruptions due to dispatchers multi-tasking between fielding incoming 911 calls and managing radio traffic while balancing non-emergency calls for service. Call takers will alleviate that by working during peak times of day to assist with the heaviest phone call volume. The goal of the positions is to provide better service to the public and responders by allowing dispatchers more opportunity to appropriately monitor and respond to radio requests from the field and manage 911 calls.

Common calls for service that call takers will field include theft of property, abandoned vehicles, parking complaints, bear activity, motor vehicle accidents, welfare checks, suspicious activity, trespassing, burglaries, alarm activations, and general requests for assistance or information.

For more information on the new JPD call taker positions or to apply, go to the job posting.

For more information, contact Juneau Police Department Public Safety Manager Erann Kalwara at 907-500-0722 or ekalwara@juneaupolice.com.