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Juneau’s 14-day COVID-19 recap: Nov. 30 – Dec. 13

December 17, 2020 – News

Over the 14-day period from November 30 to December 13, there were 74 people in Juneau who tested positive for COVID-19 (that’s down from 94 during the previous two weeks):

  • Nine percent of the case activity was associated with one ongoing cluster during this time period. A small church had a limited outbreak that resulted in 14 positive cases with 10 recovered to date.
  • Public Health attributed 43 percent of cases to secondary transmission, 20.5 percent to community spread, 17.5 percent to out-of-state travel, and 19 percent of the cases remain under investigation. Note, this is a 10% increase in travel related cases.
  • 90 percent of cases were contacted within 24 hours of a positive test being returned.
  • Disease spread is across all age groups, most racial groups (the category of individuals who didn’t self-identify is highest with 31, individuals who identify as white is next highest with 29), and is slightly more prevalent in females than males (61 percent/39 percent)

Contact tracing is improving slightly, but remains constrained due to the statewide caseload. Those who test positive are encouraged to immediately call their own close contacts. The disease is moving via all disease acquisition types: secondary transmission, travel, and community spread. Residents must take appropriate cautions, including limiting social bubbles to immediate household members and strictly adhering to all health orders related to travel.

Read the full Emergency Operations Center Report, which included this weekly recap, as well as other daily reports here.