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Juneau School District prepares for K-12 in-person learning to start in January

December 8, 2020 – News

The Juneau School District is preparing for students to return to school in January for in-person learning. With the health and safety of students, staff, families, and the community as priorities, the district’s start date schedule may shift based on the evolving health status of schools and the community. Teachers return to school on January 4, 2021. Students start distance classes on January 7. Any adjustments to the schedule below will be communicated the first week of January:

In-person start dates for K-12

  • Kindergarten/1st grade: January 11
  • 2nd/3rd grades: January 19
  • 4th/5th grades: January 25
  • 6th-8th grades: January 11
  • 9th-12th grades: January 11
  • Additional Programs: Tlingit Culture Language Literacy, Montessori Borealis, Juneau Community Charter School, Yaakoosgé Daakahídi High School, and Integrated Preschool plans/schedules are still being developed. Families participating in these programs will be contacted directly by their school.

Schools and teachers will soon reach out to individual families with more specific details related to schedule and attendance. Distance delivery will continue to be available throughout the remainder of the school year for any student or family who chooses to stay with that option.

Students attending school for in-person learning will need to answer a daily symptom screening checklist before leaving home. Students and staff are required to wear masks covering the nose and mouth during the school day. Visitors and families must wear masks if they enter a school and will be provided one if they don’t have their own.

All community members can contribute to the successful restart of in-person learning for Juneau students by following the recommended guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19: wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, wash your hands, keep celebrations within your household this holiday season, and stay home when you have symptoms.

More details on in-person learning can be found at juneauschools.org under “January Smart Start Plan.”