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Juneau Police Department successfully receives 3-year accreditation

January 12, 2022 – News

The Juneau Police Department has successfully completed the process for accreditation through the Oregon Accreditation Alliance. Accreditation means that JPD and its operations, management, policies, and procedures meet best practices based on international, national, and state standards. Achieving accreditation was a multi-year process and required being evaluated by an outside independent organization.

“It took a lot of commitment and resources to get here, but I believe the outcome is better serving the Juneau community and creating accountability. The accreditation process forced us to take a close look and get new perspective on how and why we do things certain ways. We identified several things that required attention and many, many more things that we are already doing well,” Juneau Police Chief Ed Mercer said. “With accreditation, we hope to gain community trust, as well as employee satisfaction and confidence in their police department, which will go a long way in recruitment. I’m very excited about it”

JPD has previously been accredited through the State of Alaska, but the state program was discontinued several years ago. To receive accreditation through the Oregon Accreditation Alliance, JPD had to show proof of compliance with 105 standards based on best practices nationally and throughout changes in legislation in Alaska and Oregon. Accreditation supports continued improvement of law enforcement services; establishes best practice through professional standards; establishes an agency’s accountability and transparency; and enhances management of overall police operations.

Oregon Accreditation Alliance, formed in 2002, provides accreditation services to 76 law enforcement agencies and 911/communication centers in Oregon and Alaska. JPD is only the second law enforcement agency in Alaska to achieve accreditation through the alliance; the first is Soldotna Police Department. JPD received its initial award of accreditation last September. The department will be up for re-accreditation September 2024, which will require an onsite assessment.

For more information, contact Deputy Chief of Police David Campbell at 907-500-0630 or [email protected].