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Juneau businesses: Let the community know what’s going on with your business

May 15, 2020 – FYI

With the Juneau economy slowly reopening, how is your business operation changing? Is your business back open? Is your business now allowing walk-ins? What are your delivery and takeout options? Want to pass along some special instructions to patrons before they visit? Share your business news and information on the City and Borough of Juneau’s COVID-19 Local Business Operations page.

About 170 Juneau businesses are currently listed. If your business is one of them, please make sure the information CBJ has is current. If it’s not, take a few minutes to update it here. Select Updated Entry in the dropdown menu, and fill out the rest of the form. Or select New Entry if you’ve never listed your business before. Thank you for keeping the public in the know.

For local news, information, and resources to help keep Juneau safe and healthy, go to juneau.org/covid-19 and Bartlett Hospital’s COVID-19 page.