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Juneau airport offers free parking & waiting options

May 20, 2021 – FYI

As air travel begins to increase, please remember the free and paid parking/waiting options when you pick up and drop off passengers at the Juneau International Airport. You can park for free in the Short Term lot for up to 15 minutes or wait for free at the Cell Phone Lot. Here are the details:

  • Short Term parking, which is the lot closest to the terminal, offers 15 minutes of free parking. This is useful if you need to go inside the terminal for any reason, like to help a passenger collect bags from the baggage carousel or to help a passenger get to the vehicle. After the first 15 minutes, the Short Term parking lot becomes a paid option; up to 60 minutes costs $3. The adjacent Long Term parking lot is another paid parking option.
  • A free Cell Phone Lot waiting area is located near Alaska Industrial Hardware. This is an ideal place to wait while a passenger is disembarking the plane and getting luggage. The driver must remain with the vehicle at this lot.

As a reminder, it is prohibited to park, wait, or leave your vehicle unattended on the front curb of the Juneau International Airport terminal. The penalty for doing so is $100. The only thing that can take place on the front curb is active loading and unloading.

Please note: The rental car parking lot and the taxi staging areas cannot be used for parking of any kind, either short- or long-term parking.

With terminal construction taking place and sometimes blocking one lane of traffic, it is important to follow the airport parking rules to maintain safe traffic flow.

For more information, please contact the Airport Manager’s Office at 789-7821.