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Don’t miss your flight: Travelers are reminded to get to airport 2 hours ahead of flight

July 13, 2021 – FYI

In order to not miss your flight, the Juneau International Airport reminds travelers to get to the airport two hours ahead of your scheduled departure time. This will leave you enough time to check in, go through TSA passenger screening, and get on your flight.

“We are seeing people arrive an hour or less before their flight and they run the risk of not getting through passenger screening early enough to make their flight. Airlines are leaving people behind; in some cases 20 or more passengers per flight have missed their flight because of not arriving early enough,” Airport Manager Patty Wahto says. “We recommend people arrive two hours in advance and save themselves the frustration.”

The airport is busy, Wahto says, with passenger numbers for the large carriers almost back to pre-pandemic travel numbers. As another reminder, passengers with first class flight tickets do not automatically get PreCheck screening service; that’s a paid service separate from your flight ticket.

For more information, please contact the Airport Manager’s Office at 789-7821.