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Deadline to comment on or appeal revised flood maps is July 9

April 18, 2018 – News, Notices for Public Comment

The City and Borough of Juneau and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are in the process of updating flood zone maps for Juneau. Flood zones help identify areas with potential for storm and flood events that could put lives and property in danger. CBJ and FEMA are accepting comments and appeals concerning the revised flood maps through July 9.

Flood zones are based on both scientific and community-provided data. By using recent topographical and engineering data, CBJ has been working closely with FEMA to gather more precise information about these areas. The better the information is, the more accurate the flood maps will be. The goal is have maps that can be used by community officials for future development, land use mapping and hazard mitigation planning. The map designations also inform flood insurance rates for properties that have federally backed loans.

To submit a comment or an appeal through July 9, 2018, fill out the form on this page: http://www.juneau.org/cddftp/JuneauFloodZoneMap.php

Comments include corrections or clarifications pertaining to misspellings, labeling and/or missing information on flood maps.

Appeals include information indicating that the elevations and/or delineations are scientifically and/or technically incorrect.

Review the revised flood maps or get more information on the flood map process: http://www.juneau.org/cddftp/JuneauFloodZoneMap.php.

For more information, contact Community Development Department Senior Planner Teri Camery at 586-0755 or Teri.Camery@juneau.org.