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COVID-19 testing & hotline transitions to Bartlett Regional Hospital after April 30

April 19, 2022 – News

Saturday, April 30, will be the last day the City and Borough of Juneau runs the COVID-19 hotline and the drive-thru testing facility at the Hagevig Fire Training Center. After that, Bartlett Regional Hospital will take over operations of both, with BRH taking over the hotline Monday, May 2, and drive-thru testing for the general public available on the BRH campus starting May 8.

The Juneau community can expect other aspects surrounding the COVID-19 testing process to remain the same: the hotline number will still be 907-586-6000; to schedule a test, register online or call the hotline; and tests will continue to be analyzed at Bartlett with results available within 24 hours.

CBJ stood up the Emergency Operations Center in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and implemented the drive-thru testing site and the hotline. While COVID-19 transmission continues to occur in Juneau, hospitalization rates are low, vaccines are widely available, and treatments are available. With COVID-19 no longer an emergent situation, CBJ is ending its Emergency Operations Center framework. Aside from the drive-thru testing and hotline transitioning to Bartlett, the public can expect to see these other changes after April 30:

CBJ will continue to maintain the webpage juneau.org/vaccine, which is an easy way to make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at the Juneau Public Health Center and other local providers. CBJ is currently distributing free COVID-19 antigen home tests and KN95 masks from the City Hall cash office, all Juneau Public Libraries, Juneau Public Health Center, and Juneau Police Department – and will continue to as long as supply is available.

For more information, contact Emergency Operations Center Planning Section Chief Denise Koch at Denise.Koch@juneau.org or 907-586-0800 ext. 4182.