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COVID-19 Community Update Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 4 p.m.

September 3, 2021 – News

Juneau School District Superintendent Bridget Weiss will join members of the City and Borough of Juneau’s Emergency Operations Center to give the latest updates on COVID-19 in Juneau during an update Tuesday, September 7 and 4 p.m. EOC staff will give a short presentation and be available to answer questions from the community submitted during the live update or ahead of time.

There are three ways to join the Tuesday, September 7 update:

The public is encouraged to submit questions during the event by typing the question into the Q&A box on Zoom (questions will not be taken through Facebook). All COVID-19 Community Updates are recorded and available on vimeo.com/cbjuneau to watch anytime.

Aside from this update, community members can always find COVID-19 information relevant to Juneau here: