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Celebrating safely: CBJ Deputy City Manager Mila Cosgrove

December 18, 2020 – FYI

In a typical year, City and Borough of Juneau Deputy City Manager Mila Cosgrove marks the holidays with big get-togethers. Her family has two birthdays right before Christmas, so they usually host a large open house party to celebrate the season. But Mila and her family are scaling back their plans for 2020.

“We will greatly limit the number of people we interact with in person over the holidays, including only those people in our immediate social bubble for indoor activities. I’ll be looking forward to outdoor walks or other activities to celebrate with other friends. I love to bake, so I’ll do that and safely deliver them to those I am closest to. I want to spend time focusing on what I am grateful for, particularly when it comes to the people I Iove, and communicating that to them by writing cards that are more personalized. Because we have two birthdays right before Christmas, the holidays in our family can feel overwhelming. I’m looking forward to slowing down and focusing on what really matters. I also intend to focus all my Christmas shopping to what I can purchase locally — supporting small businesses in our community.”

CBJ Parks and Recreation’s Candy Cane Hunt is a fun way to support local businesses this holiday season. For more information, visit juneau.org/candycanehunt. (Candy Cane Trackers are due by noon on Monday, December 21!)