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Celebrating safely: Bartlett Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Rose Lawhorne

December 24, 2020 – FYI

Rose Lawhorne is the Chief Nursing Officer at Bartlett Regional Hospital. For her, the holidays are normally chock-full of craft nights, food and gift exchanges, gingerbread house decorating get-togethers, and big parties with friends and family from all across Juneau and Southeast Alaska. But she says those large events won’t happen this year.

“We will stay in our bubbles and still get out for walks, baking in our homes, enjoying the holiday season and exchanging gifts. We will connect via Zoom, phone call, or other video chat to stay in touch and check in with each other over the holiday season. (Next year) we hope we will be able to connect again with family and friends with fewer restrictions. Our open house, game nights and gift exchanges would be a wonderful holiday experience once again.”

As someone on the front line of the pandemic response, Rose has a special message for everyone in Juneau: “Happy Holidays to all, and thank you for your efforts to keep our community protected.”

Here are some ideas for celebrating the holidays safely from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.