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CBJ to introduce major parking improvements in spring 2024 

December 27, 2023 – News

The City & Borough of Juneau is introducing a new system to manage parking permits and enforce parking rules in Spring 2024. The new system will be used at all off-street parking facilities in downtown Juneau, including the Marine Parking Garage (MPG) and Downtown Transit Center (DTC) Garage. The Juneau Police Department will also use the system to enforce free on-street parking downtown, and the Docks & Harbors Department will use it at Auke Bay Statter Harbor and the Downtown Port Facility.

No changes are being made to parking rules. Parking rates will continue to be adjusted according to the schedule announced in 2022.

The new system uses license plates as virtual permits, allowing customers to purchase monthly/annual parking permits and pay citations online using a credit or debit card. At hourly lots, new pay stations that accept credit cards and coins will replace existing mechanical cash boxes. Customers will also be able to pay for hourly parking directly from their mobile phone. Permits will continue to be available for purchase in person and live customer support will be available 24 hours a day.

By using license plates as virtual permits, instead of manually issuing and checking permits for each parking space, the new system will reduce the amount of time required to manage parking and allow staff to focus on providing other core public services. Similar systems are already in widespread use by municipalities and universities around the country, including the City of Seattle and Municipality of Anchorage.

Additional information about how to use the new system will be provided soon, including new signage, social media posts, additional information releases, and a dedicated website. Please visit the Parking Improvements project page for the latest updates.

For more information about this project, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at [email protected].