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CBJ reports 13 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend and today

August 10, 2020 – News

The City and Borough of Juneau Emergency Operations Center is reporting 13 new individuals with COVID-19 in Juneau – 10 are residents and three are nonresidents. Public Health has initiated contact investigations, and will notify and quarantine additional individuals as appropriate.

Five of the resident cases were reported over the weekend and five are new today. Public Health is attributing six of these cases to secondary transmission, two to travel, and two are under investigation. Two of the nonresident cases were reported over the weekend – one is from the mining industry and one is a visitor – and one visitor case is new today.

Cumulatively, Juneau has had 111 residents test positive for COVID-19 since March. Of those, 23 cases are active and 87 have recovered. The total number of nonresident cases in Juneau is 73. Of those, eight are active and 65 have recovered. All individuals with active cases of COVID-19 are in isolation. Public Health is keeping track of about 80 close contacts.

Please note, CBJ’s numbers – on cumulative case counts, and active and recovered cases – differ from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services dashboard numbers due to more timely reporting. CBJ is in regular contact with the Public Health officials in Juneau, and CBJ’s numbers are based on information received directly from them.

Statewide, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services reports 70 new people with COVID-19 – 69 are residents and one is a nonresident. Alaska has had 3,775 cumulative resident cases of COVID-19 and a total of 764 nonresidents. The state reports a total of 26 deaths, including a new death reported Saturday. The person who died was a male Anchorage resident in his 60s with underlying conditions.