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Updated unofficial results for CBJ Municipal Election (as of Oct. 15); Canvass Review Board Certification on Oct. 19

October 15, 2021 – News

CBJ Clerk staff has concluded its work with the Municipality of Anchorage Election team in processing the remaining ballots from the By Mail Regular Municipal Election. The updated preliminary unofficial results are posted on juneau.org/elections, or see them here. This round of preliminary unofficial results include all ballots that have been approved for counting to date.

As of Friday, October 15, a total of 8,490 ballots were approved for counting. An additional 339 ballots were received after Election Day without postmarks. There still remain over 300 ballots awaiting signature cure letter responses. Ballots returned from voters that were lacking a signature, personal identifier, or whose signature did not match the signature on file with the State of Alaska Division of Elections have been sent cure letters. If you have received a cure letter, please contact the CBJ Election Call Center at 907-586-5278 option 4 to ensure your ballot is counted. Voters have until 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 19 to contact the CBJ Elections Office to cure their ballots so they can be approved for counting by the Canvass Review Board.

The Canvass Review Board will begin its work on Tuesday, October 19 at 10 a.m. in the Assembly Chambers at City Hall. Since the Chambers is limited to 20 people due to the current COVID mitigation protocols, anyone wishing to attend to observe the Canvass Review Board will need to make arrangements with the Municipal Clerk’s office by 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 19. There will be 11 open spaces available but priority preference will be given to the media and candidates upon request. Clerk staff will meet with the Canvass Review Board on Tuesday, October 19 to certify the election. Certification may be delayed on a day-to-day basis, up to three days, depending on the workload before the Canvass Review Board.

Please note that CBJ Offices will be closed for the Alaska Day Holiday on Monday, October 18 but if you have received a cure letter, please contact the Clerk’s office by calling 907-586-5278 choosing option 4 and leave a message with your name, a good telephone number at which you can be called back, and the requested information on the cure letter if possible.

The Clerk staff would like to extend gratitude to all the voters who participated in this election, the candidates, the CBJ Election Team, and the Municipality of Anchorage Clerks/Election Team.