Avalanche Advisory Archive 2016 – 2018

Date Issued:2017-02-07 06:16:51
Primary Trend:1
Primary Probability:3
Primary Likelihood:2
Primary Size:1
Primary Description:

We have seen 9 days without any new precip now. There was only a small amount of light snow on the ground beofre this for transport after all the rains we had to near summit.

We have seen 9 days more than half of them with winds. Small slabs have been built in isolated locations around the region.

These are fairly stiff now but remain the primary concern.

Secondary Trend:1
Secondary Probability:6
Secondary Likelihood:2
Secondary Size:1
Secondary Description:

With sun on ths slopes and several degrees a day of diurnal fluctuation we have started to see small wet loose avalanches in the afternoon on sunny aspects. Mostly small in size.


The National Weather Service Forecasts...

Today- Partly cloudy early in the morning then becoming sunny. Highs around 30. Northeast wind 10 to 20 mph until afternoon becoming light and variable. Near downtown juneau and douglas gusts up to 35 mph early in the morning.

Tonight- Mostly clear. Lows 16 to 24. Northeast wind 10 mph in the evening becoming light and variable.

Wednesday- Sunny. Highs 27 to 31. East wind 10 mph.

We have seen no precipitation over the last 9 days. This has given the snowpack time to settle and bond. The snowpack is very strong for the most part.

We have seen a great deal of wind. This has created windslabs in places. These remain the greatest concern. They are not widespread but if you look far and wide you could find weak windslabs in places.

The temperatures remain quite cool around the region. This morning the Mt Roberts Tram is showing 18f. Eaglecrest is cooler with 19 at the base. 15f mid mountain and 11f on summit.

Winds are light this morning with Eaglecrest showing 6-8mph winds and Mt Roberts only from 8-10mph. We may see continued light windloading but with not much snow to transport this will remain limited at these lower wind speeds.

With more cold temps and no precipitation in the forecast the avalanche danger is LOW this morning. Both natural and human triggered avalanches are not likely.

Watch the sunny slopes for small point release avalanches in the heat of the day... but other than that things should be fairly stable around the region. Simply be aware of those windslabs in isolated locations.

Have a great day and pray for some cold temps to stick with us through this weekends snow that is in the forecast.


Here is a link to a tragic story from around the globe as 100+ people die in Avalanches as they bury villages in Afghanistan, Pakistan


Forecaster:Tom Mattice