Avalanche Advisory Archive 2016 – 2018

Date Issued:2017-02-05 08:01:42
Primary Trend:1
Primary Probability:3
Primary Likelihood:2
Primary Size:1
Primary Description:

We have had two weeks of moderate to strong wind. We have multiple variable weak windslabs around the region. Most of which are quite strong now and have stabilized yet you may find weakness in windslabs around the region if you hunt far and wide enough.

Secondary Trend:2
Secondary Probability:6
Secondary Likelihood:2
Secondary Size:1
Secondary Description:

During the heat of the day we are seeing trees, rocks, and steep unanchored slopes shedding snow. Mostly small wet loose avalanches that travel quite slow.


The National Weather Service Forecasts-

Today- Mostly clear. Highs around 35. North wind 10 to 15 mph.

Tonight- Partly cloudy. Lows around 20. North wind 10 to 20 mph.

Monday- sunny. Highs around 32. Northeast wind 10 to 20 mph.

We have not seen any new snow around the region for a week. This has given the snowpack in place time to settle and bond.

The diurnal fluctuations are now coming up close to freezing every day. Mt Roberts went to .5c yesterday and Eaglecrest was -.5c. this daily fluctuation helps build strength in the snowpack. The more time spent near freezing the better.

We have seen a fair amount of wind in our region over the last week now from several different directions. There was not much snow available for wind transport in the first place... but we have now built some small shallow weak slabs in Very isolated locations around the region. My guess is if you looked far and wide you may find a windslab that could be triggered...

For the most part avalanche danger is LOW today. Both natural and human triggered avalanches remain unlikely.

With no snow in the forecast and daily temps coming up to freezing the snowpack should continue to gain strength over the next few days.

Watch for wet loose avalanches on sunny slopes during the heat of the day. These would be small in size. Yesterday I noted several late in the day on those South to Southwest facing slopes.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful day.


Well this isnt much of a tip... but a quick trip on google looking under Superbowl... and Avalanche brought back this classic miller bear commercial from the 1975 superbowl. Enjoy.


Forecaster:Tom Mattice