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Exhibit F - Resolution 2817 am Authorizing Filing of a Petition for Annexation of Territory to the CBJ2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit FF - Model Borough Boundaries Review Central Southeast Alaska, Aug 19902019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit G - Mayor's Affidavit of Petitioner's Complying with the Requirements of AAC2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit GG - Unorganized Areas of Alaska that Meet Borough Corporation Standards, Feb 19932019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-1 - Material and MInutes from 02-22-16 Assembly COW Meeting2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-2 - Material and Minutes From 12-03-16 Assembly COW Retreat2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-3 - Materials and MInutes From 01-30-17 Assembly Lands Committee Meeting2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-4 Materials and Minutes From 08-10-17 Assembly COW Meeting2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-5 - Materials and Minutes From 01-03-18 Assembly COW Meeting2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-6 - Materials and Minutes From 01-22-18 Assembly Meeting and Public Hearing2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-7 Materials and MInutes from the 02-12-18 Assembly Meeting2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit H-8 - Materials and Minutes from the 07-22-19 Assembly Meeting2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit HH - Map of Existing Borough Boundary, Model Borough Boundary, and Proposed Annexation Area2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit I - Copy of Any Written Materials Received Before, After, and During the Meetings on the Resolution, Starting in 20172019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit II - Maps of Borough Boundaries, Proposed CBJ Annexation Areas, and Tlingit Traditional and Territorial Boundaries2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit J - Affidavit Concerning the Source of Accuracy for the Information in the Petition2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit JJ - Annexation Timeline2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit K - 1997 Model Borough Boundaries Report2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit KK - Wireless Coverage Maps2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit L - Report and Recommendation to the LBC Concerning the Proposed Annexation of Greens Creek Mine, Ideal Boundaries, June 19902019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit LL - Coverage Area for KRNN, KXLL, and KTOO2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit M - State of Alaska General Land Status with Guide Use Areas, SE Alaska Dec 20092019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit MM - Map of CBJ Roaded and Fire Service Areas2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit N - 05-10-19 Email from ADFG re Juneau Resident Hunter Trapper Proportions in the Proposed Annexation Areas2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit O - 11-07-18 Letter From ADFG re Wildlife Harvest for Residents Versus Non-Residents in the Proposed Annexation Areas2019-08-08City Manager
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