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Erwins Mendenhall Village SHopping Center Feasibility Study: Juneau, AK1973-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
Essential Food InformationFinance
Ethnographic Analysis of the Juneau FASD Diagnostic Clinic FAS-Related Report Technical Report No. 262004-07-01Non-CBJ Organization
Evaluation of Ground Water Flow int he Sheep Creek Area, Alaska1991-08-26Non-CBJ Organization
Evaluation of potential for disposal of tailings at the AJ Mine by backfilling the mine1989-06-01Non-CBJ Organization
Evaluation of potential for failure of the sheep creek tailings impoundment and its downstream consequences1989-06-01Non-CBJ Organization
Evaluation of Powerline Gulch Site for AJ Mine Tailings Disposal1990-03-01Non-CBJ Organization
Evaluation of Powerline Gulch Site for AJ Mine Tailings Disposal1990-03-01Non-CBJ Organization
Evaluation of the City and Borough of Juneaus Self-Insured Retention (SIR) Program Since Its Inception on April 7, 1976 Through June 30, 19791979-10-01Administration
Excavation and EmbankmentEngineering & Public Works
Excavations at the Pantheon Saloon Complex2002-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Executive Summary of Mining Leases between City and Borough of Juneau and Alaska Electric Light and Power Company (Lessors) and BPC Alaska Corporation (Lessee)1984-01-01Lands and Resources
Exemptions ListFinance
Exhibit A - Legal Description and Maps of the Annexation Areas2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit A, Chapter 70, Part IX: Coastal Management1986-01-01Planning Commission
Exhibit AA - 6-24-18 Email on USFS Data on Federal Subsistence Hunt Permits2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit B - Information Relating to Public Notice and Service of the Petition2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit BB - NMFS Map of Northern Southeast Rural and Non-Rural Areas for Halibut2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit C - Expenditures2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit CC - ADFG Juneau Non-Subsistence Use Area Map2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit D - Transition Plan2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit DD - Excerpts of Haa Aani Our Land Tlingit and Haida Land Rights and Use2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit E - Supporting Legal Brief2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit EE - Alaska Local Boundary Commission 1991 Annual Report to AK State Legislature2019-08-08City Manager
Exhibit F - Resolution 2817 am Authorizing Filing of a Petition for Annexation of Territory to the CBJ2019-08-08City Manager
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