Applicant Information

Michael Bucy

Mailing Address: 626 5th St. Juneau, Alaska 99801
Legal Representative: Michael Bucy Phone: (907) 419-4551 Email: 

CBJ Land Information

Site Address: BL 113LT 3 4 FR
Legal Description: Chicken Yard Park
Map: Map Link
$15.00 Fee Paid: Yes
Proposal of Usage:
CBJ is closing access to our houses' current driveway where we charge our electric vehicle next to the house. After the Chicken Yard Park renovation this Fall, our parking will be moved to the entrance of CYP where we will not have electrical access unless we run a conduit from our house to a charger at the new parking spot.
We ask for easement to run a line from our house at 626 5th st., to the new parking spot at he entrance of the park. We would also request that, in consideration of the expense of us having to pay for the work, that the easement be granted at the rate of $1 or free. We also ask that the easement be granted along with a grace period to implement of at least 1 year as the project could be expensive.
Additional Comments for CBJ Staff to Consider:
Michele Elfers, with CBJ Engineering Dept. has been working with us on this situation.
In lieu of a plan or map (which I don't have except in a .jpg format) here is a google drive link to the map and plan for the UGC across the park. Here it is:
Supporting Documents: