Applicant Information

Emily Kane and Bret Schmiege

Mailing Address: 1880 Evergreen Ave Juneau, AK 99801
Legal Representative: Emily Kane Phone: (907) 723-5599 Email: 

CBJ Land Information

Site Address: 1880 Evergreen Ave
Legal Description: Irwin Addition Plat #98-57, Lot 2B
Map: Map Link
$15.00 Fee Paid: Yes
Proposal of Usage:
We would like to construct a simple shed roof over the off-street parking area at the base of our property. The roof would be supported by 4-6 posts in footings. 2-4 of the footings would fall in the city right of way. Since we cannot construe a general benefit (other than raising our property taxes) to meet the bar for construction in a ROW, we now apply for lease of purchase of an easement to allow for the footings to support said roof. The purpose of the roof over the cars is to reduce labor in digging out the cars during the winter, which is of increasing concern as we age
Additional Comments for CBJ Staff to Consider:
The property was re-plated in 1998 to allow for construction of our home. There is a natural indentation at the base of the property where we park 2 vehicles off the street. The "street" at this location is actually a dirt road extension at the top of Evergreen Avenue. Our home is the last structure before the AEL&P pump house and access to the Flume boardwalk. When we hired an engineer (Pat Kemp) to design a simple open structure that would snugly cover 2 cares, we discovered that one edge of the design would fall off the property line, into the ROW. When you inspect the area you will see that our proposed structure would in no obstruct access to utilities nor to recreation. There would be no detrimental effect on either public or CBJ access. There is plenty of parking in the area just below as the whole crew working on the flume reconstruction now demonstrates M-Sat. There is very little flat area suitable for parking other than where we do park. We have explored punching into the steep property but this would be prohibitively expensive as well as potential destabilizing to our foundation.