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Why to vaccinate: Dr. Amy Dressel

June 7, 2021 – News

“If you’re thinking about vaccinating your adolescent against the COVID-19 virus, I would highly encourage you to do so. The Pfizer vaccine for adolescents is safe and highly effective. The best way to prevent this disease from spreading and allowing the virus to mutate is to vaccinate our community. Vaccinating our children from COVID-19 protects them from the long-term side effects of COVID, but it also protects the immune-compromised and the elderly population from getting sick, as well as preventing the virus spreading to the younger population who currently cannot be vaccinated.”

Dr. Amy Dressel is a pediatrician at Glacier Pediatrics in Juneau and volunteers to administer COVID-19 vaccines. She is also one of the recent winners of the Juneau Art & Humanities Council’s 2021 Wearable Art juried competition. 

Find out how to get your vaccine by going to juneau.org/vaccine or by calling 586-6000.