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Updated unofficial results for CBJ Municipal Election (as of Oct. 11)

October 11, 2021 – News

City and Borough of Juneau Clerk staff continues to work with the Municipality of Anchorage Election team in processing the remaining ballots from the CBJ By Mail Regular Municipal Election. As of Friday, October 8, 2021 a total of 9,197 ballots have been received. Of those ballots, 6,382 ballots have been approved and counted as of the close of business on Monday, October 11. The updated preliminary unofficial results are posted at juneau.org/elections, or see them here. This round of preliminary unofficial results include the count of eligible write-in candidates from the 6,382 ballots that have been processed so far.

Staff will continue to process the remaining 2,988 ballots plus any additional ballots that have been returned via mail, postmarked by Election Day and received by the start of the Canvass Review Board on Tuesday, October 19.

At this time, there are approximately 376 ballots pending cure letter resolution. Ballots returned from voters that were lacking a signature, personal identifier, or whose signature did not match the signature on file with the State of Alaska Division of Elections have been sent cure letters. If you have received a cure letter, please contact the CBJ Election Call Center at 907-586-5278 option 4 to ensure your ballot is counted. Additional cure letters will continue to be sent out during the week as ballots are processed so please keep an eye on your mailboxes and respond as soon as possible.

Keep checking juneau.org/elections for periodic updates during the week.

Final ballot processing will conclude in Anchorage on Friday, October 15 and Clerk staff will return to Juneau and meet with the Canvass Review Board on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 to certify the election. Certification may be delayed on a day-to-day basis, up to three days, depending on the workload before the Canvass Review Board.