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Try balancing CBJ’s budget

April 7, 2022 – News

The Juneau Assembly is currently in the process of reviewing the City and Borough of Juneau’s budget for fiscal year 2023, which has a general fund deficit of $3.4 million. The Assembly’s job is to get that number to $0. Through a new online simulation tool, it can be your job as well. Do you agree with how CBJ proposes to spend its revenue? The tool allows you to raise taxes, lower taxes, put money into services that matter most to you and, likewise, take funding away from programs you think Juneau cannot afford. Try your hand at balancing the budget here or by going to juneau.org/budget.

The online budget balancing tool serves two purposes. First, it is a learning opportunity for members of the public to learn where CBJ gets revenue and how that money is spent. Second, it is an opportunity for the public to make adjustments to the budget and then submit their version of the budget as feedback to city staff.

Using the online tool is simple and interactive. It does not require any prior knowledge of city budgeting. At the top of the webpage, an indicator describes whether the budget is in balance, in deficit, or in surplus. As you adjust revenues or spending, that indicator shows if you’re moving closer to a balanced budget, or further away.

For more information, contact Finance Director Jeff Rogers at 907-723-6907 or [email protected].