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Tour boat operators in Auke Bay area are following best practices to reduce impact

May 15, 2019 – News

In an effort to minimize impact to residential and commercial properties along Auke Bay, marine tour operators transiting in and go out of Statter Harbor/Andrew’s Marina are following a Tourism Best Management Practices (TBMP) guideline. TBMP is a cooperative effort of Juneau tour operators, cruise lines, transportation providers, and the City and Borough of Juneau.

For 2019, there are 98 listed TBMP guidelines. Guideline number 58 says:

Marine Tour operators, in an effort to minimize wake damage to adjacent property owners in Auke Bay, agree to voluntarily navigate along the centerline of the bay. The proposed centerline is approximate to a line from the white speed buoy to the south end of Coughlin Island.

Captains of vessels will agree to remain as close to this proposed centerline as practicable… Operators are reminded of their responsibility to maintain a safe speed at all times and nothing in this voluntary guideline removes the duty to follow established rules of the road.

CBJ Docks & Harbors Department has worked with tour operators to encourage centerline-of-the-bay transiting into the harbors to reduce wake damage. As a result, participants may not be transiting in the most direct route to Statter Harbor/Andrew’s Marina.

The goal of TBMP is to minimize the impacts of tourism in Juneau in a manner that addresses both resident and industry concerns, and enhances visitors’ experience. If you have a concern or question about tourism operations, please email hotline@traveljuneau.com or call 586-6774.

For more information, contact Port Director Carl Uchytil at 586-0292 or Carl.Uchytil@juneau.org.