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Property assessment notices sent out March 9

March 12, 2018 – News

The City and Borough of Juneau’s Assessor Office mailed out 2018 Business and Real Property Assessment Notices on Friday, March 9. Property owners who see errors or omissions in their assessments have 30 days to file a Petition for Review Form. The deadline to appeal is Monday, April 9.

Property owners who aren’t satisfied with assessed values during the appeal process will be scheduled for a hearing before the Board of Equalization beginning Thursday, May 3 in City Hall, 155 S. Seward St., Juneau, AK.

Alaska state law requires municipalities to assess all taxable property uniformly at full market value. CBJ revalues properties every year to ensure that all taxpayers are treated fairly and equitably. Properties are assessed based on what comparable properties are selling for within a neighborhood.

Assessed property values help determine what property owners will pay in property taxes. First, property values are determined. Then, during the budget process, the Juneau Assembly will adopt a millage rate. Property taxes are calculated by taking the assessed property value and multiplying it by the millage rate.

Property owners failing to receive their assessment notices should call the Assessor’s Office at (907) 586-5220.

For more information, contact Bob Bartholomew, Finance Director, 586-0300 or bob.bartholomew@juneau.org.