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Planning Month: Statter Harbor

October 16, 2019 – News

Statter Harbor is Juneau’s most popular and diverse harbor, providing moorage for fishermen, charter operators, local boat owners, liveaboards, and yachts. It includes Juneau’s largest boat launch and trailer parking, as well as access to pedestrian amenities, such as a baywalk, picnic tables, benches, and viewing platforms. The facility provides restrooms and showers, and supports neighboring private businesses, such as kayak rentals and restaurants.

A lot of this originated with a public planning effort that began 15 years ago. Creation of the Statter Harbor Master Plan, managed by CBJ Docks and Harbors, was launched in 2004 with a series of public meetings and workshops with residents, resource agencies, as well as the Juneau Planning Commission and Assembly. These meetings eventually resulted in approval of bond measures to fund a portion of the improvements, purchases of additional property, extensive review of environmental impacts, and – finally – development permits from the Planning Commission and a variety of state and federal agencies.

Statter Harbor’s development also conforms to design guidelines and policies found in the Auke Bay Area Plan. The Statter Harbor Master Plan has been revised several times with direction from the community and includes four phases. Construction is currently under way for phase three, which includes more float moorage for charter operations.