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Planning Commission meets June 11. Here’s how to weigh in.

The City and Borough of Juneau Planning Commission meets on June 11, 7 p.m. in City Hall Assembly Chambers to review proposals for a detox addition at Rainforest Recovery, an easement across CBJ property, an allowance of a food truck in an Industrial Zone, a reduction in a rear yard setback, a subdivision of one lot into 17 lots, a construction of two roundabouts, and an aquaculture operation near Mab Island. All of these items are up for public hearing.

The public is encouraged to submit written comments to pc_comments@juneau.org by 12 noon, June 7, or testify in person at the meeting. For more information related to these agenda items click here.

A City Project Review for a detox addition at Rainforest Recovery (CSP2019 0006)

This City Project will demolish approximately 2400 square feet of a wing attached to the Rainforest Recovery Center on the Bartlett Regional Hospital Campus and replace it with an approximately 4400 square foot wing that will house the Rainforest Recovery Detox Addition and administrative offices.

A consistency review for an easement across CBJ property (CSP2019 0007)

CBJ Lands & Resources requests a Planning Commission recommendation to the Assembly for a proposed access and utility easement located on USS 3559 Lot 1 on North Douglas. The proposed easement would be a 220-foot extension of an existing 1600 feet long by 35 feet wide easement.

A Conditional Use Permit to locate a food truck in an Industrial Zone (USE2019 0012)

The applicant requests a Conditional Use Permit to allow a 204 square foot seafood truck to be temporarily parked at parcel 5B1201410050, on the east side of the lot. The operation is for counter-service customers and is not a drive-through. The applicant has not decided whether vending will resume next year, as future plans will depend on the outcome from this year.

A Conditional Use Permit to reduce a rear yard setback (USE2019 0016)

The applicant request a Conditional Use Permit to reduce the rear yard setback from 25 feet to 20 fee per CBJ 49.25.430(4)(N) for Merritt Road Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 within the Merritt Subdivision. This would allow for the construction of single-family dwellings as planned.

Subdivision of U.S. Survey 708 into 17 lots (SMP019 0001 & SMF2019 0002)

The intent of this subdivision is to play 17 rural water access lots along the eastern shores of Douglas Island on Gastineau Channel. This lot is zoned Rural Reserve (RR). Provided in CBJ 49.25.300, allowed uses in the RR zone include, but are not limited to, on single-family dwelling, two detached single-family dwellings, and duplexes.

A State Project to construct two roundabouts (CSP2019 0004)

The applicant proposes two roundabouts at the intersections of Mendenhall Loop Road and Stephen Richards Memorial Drive, and Mendenhall Loop Road and Floyd Dryden Middle School. Additionally, the projects include work for pedestrian/multi-use paths, marked bicycle lanes and ramps, vegetative buffer separating vehicle traffic from pedestrian/multi-use paths, pedestrian signage, LED lights, and bus pullouts.

A Conditional Use Permit for an aquaculture operation near Mab Island (USE2019 0011)

The applicant requests a Conditional Use Permit for the development of an oyster and kelp farming operation in submerged, subtidal lands between Mab Island and North Bridget Cove. The proposed operation will utilize four floating platforms including one with a work shed, a crane, shell hardening tumblers, and a generator.