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New CBJ webpage answers voter questions about New City Hall

August 28, 2023 – News

This fall, Juneau voters will make a decision about whether to invest in a new, purpose-built city hall building, or whether to spend millions on expensive renovations and climbing rent. It’s a big decision, and voters have questions about everything from why this is on the ballot now to how much a new building will cost.

The City and Borough of Juneau Engineering and Public Works Department have launched a new website at bit.ly/cbjcityhall to make sure everyone in Juneau has all the information they need before going to the polls—including frequently asked questions, financial studies, and public meeting materials.

With $14 million needed in repairs and a changing rental landscape, doing nothing is no longer an option. Since 2022, CBJ and the Assembly have gone back to the drawing board and returned with an updated ballot initiative at a lower bond amount. The Assembly has also approved an ordinance that allows the city to talk publicly about the ballot measure, making it easier for Juneau voters to get the full picture of the choice facing them today.

Visit Juneau’s City Hall Situation to get answers to your questions and find out about the current City Hall building’s repair crisis, what’s new about the current ballot initiative, whether this will affect your taxes, and more:

  • Why is this back on the ballot?
  • What’s changed since last year?
  • How does a new city hall save money?
  • What will this do to my property taxes?
  • Why 450 Whitter Street?
  • What about parking?

The City will host an open house for the public on September 13 to answer questions, share information about the project, and provide tours of CBJ’s existing facilities—stay tuned for more information.

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