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Kaxdigoowu Héen Dei (Brotherhood Bridge Trail) Montana Creek Pedestrian Bridge Closed

March 3, 2023 – News

The pedestrian bridge over Montana Creek on the Kaxdigoowu Héen Dei (Brotherhood Bridge Trail) is closed due to continued erosion of the banks supporting the bridge abutment.

The bridge was previously closed in the fall of 2022 after a large storm scoured the bank of Montana Creek and undermined the bridge abutment. Emergency stabilization work was completed at that time and the bridge was reopened for pedestrian use. However, bank erosion continued this winter and the bridge is closed due to unsafe conditions.

A barrier is being installed to prohibit bridge access. Please observe the posted warning signs and do not attempt to access the bridge or climb down the river banks, as this will increase erosion. The streambanks and bridge abutment will be evaluated for stabilization and repair.

For more information, contact Colby Shibler at (907) 364-2800.