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Juneau’s 14-day COVID-19 recap: Oct. 12 – Oct. 25

October 28, 2020 – News

Over the 14-day period from October 12 to October 25, 107 people in Juneau tested positive for COVID-19:

  • Public Health attributed 34.5 percent of the cases to community spread, 40 percent to secondary transmission, 10 percent to out-of-state travel, and 15.5 percent of the cases remained under investigation.
  • 41 percent of the cases from this time period are associated with the cluster of cases among Juneau’s vulnerable/unsheltered population.
  • The average number of close contacts per positive case is 3.69. Contact tracing is impaired with 50-75 percent of the cases being contacted within 24 hours of a positive test being returned.
  • Disease spread is across all age groups and most racial groups as well; individuals who self-identified as American Indian/Alaska Native is the highest at 34.5 percent.

The disease is transferring within Juneau’s vulnerable/unsheltered population and their close contacts, by community spread among other populations, and contact tracing is impaired due to caseloads. Residents are urged to take appropriate cautions and in particular to refrain from indoor, unmasked activities with individuals outside of family bubbles. Those who test positive are urged to immediately call their own close contacts. Read more about what to do here. The sooner close contacts can self-quarantine, get tested, and isolate if needed, the better to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to family, friends and others within your community.

For detailed information on COVID-19 in Juneau, read the City and Borough of Juneau’s Emergency Operations Center daily updates here and go to CBJ’s COVID-19 dashboard.