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Juneau International Airport joins federal anti-trafficking campaign

February 18, 2022 – News

The Juneau International Airport will soon launch a public outreach campaign to combat human trafficking. This is part of a formal partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Juneau airport is the first in the state to join the federal effort.

The initiative will be locally coordinated by Deputy Airport Manager Scott Rinkenberger, who will train airport and airline personnel to combat human trafficking within the commercial aviation industry. Awareness trainings will involve how to recognize signs of trafficking and how to report it to authorities. The trainings will extend to staff of airport user groups who have contact with the public.

“Human trafficking is an international problem and neither Alaska, nor any airport, is immune to it. Airline and airport employees that can recognize the signs of a person being forced to travel can save a life. The Juneau International Airport is proud to be the first Alaskan airport to join this Federal partnership to take a stand against human trafficking. If one victim can be intercepted, this joint endeavor it will certainly be worth the effort,” Rinkenberger said.

In addition to awareness trainings, the traveling public will see “safe space” messages in locations throughout their journey, particularly in pre-security areas of high concurrence near the ticket counters, baggage claim and passenger screening checkpoint areas. Awareness materials will be made available to the traveling public and assistance signs will be posted in restrooms and other public areas of the airport. Rinkenberger is also pursuing partnerships with local entities and organizations on the effort.

Learn more about the federal initiative to combat human trafficking here.

For more information, contact Deputy Airport Manager Scott Rinkenberger at 907-789-7821 or scottr@jnuairport.com.