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JPD’s Use of Force Policy, Use of Force Demographics & response to #8CANTWAIT

June 15, 2020 – News

Juneau Police Department policies are constantly evolving based on best practices and feedback from its stakeholders. Its Use of Force policy was most recently updated on March 17, 2016. Read JPD’s Use of Force Policy here.

With the goal of being transparent and responsive to the public, JPD recently released its 2019 Use of Force Demographics. This breaks down how many times force was used, what type of force was used, and who the force was used against by race and gender. Overall, JPD used force on 38 people in 2019, out of a total of 1,815 arrests. Read the 2019 Use of Force Demographics here.

JPD also recently issued a response to the #8CANTWAIT campaign. #8CANTWAIT is a push for eight concrete police policies in an effort to decrease police violence and improve the safety of all citizens. In its response, JPD highlighted which policies are already in use at JPD and the rationale behind why other policies are not used. Read it here.