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For storm damage Public Assistance, Juneau nonprofits & other eligible entities should apply as soon as possible

January 14, 2021 – News

Juneau nonprofits may be eligible for state disaster assistance for damages that occurred during the November 30 storm. Soon after, Governor Mike Dunleavy declared a State Disaster in response to numerous landslides, mudslides, and flooding across Southeast Alaska. The declaration activated the state’s Public Assistance disaster recovery program, which funds emergency protective measures and critical infrastructure repair.

To apply for the State of Alaska’s Public Assistance program, go to the Public Assistance webpage, click on Public Assistance Forms, and look for the document called “DHS&EM Form 30-1 Request for Public Assistance.” Completed forms can be emailed to State of Alaska Emergency Management Specialist Jeffrey “Al” Kelly at jeffrey.kelley@alaska.gov. He can also be reached at 907-428-7046​. Apply as soon as possible.

Eligible applicants include state and local governments, any other political subdivision of the state, and federally recognized tribal organizations. Certain private nonprofit organizations may also receive assistance. Eligible private nonprofit organizations include educational, utility, emergency, medical, rehabilitation, and temporary or permanent custodial care facilities (including those for the aged and disabled), and other facilities that provide essential services of a governmental nature to the general public.

For more details on eligibility, as well as what is considered eligible work, go to the Public Assistance webpage or contact State of Alaska Emergency Management Specialist Jeffrey “Al” Kelly at 907-428-7046 or jeffrey.kelley@alaska.gov.

For more information, contact Emergency Programs Manager Tom Mattice at 586-0419 or Tom.Mattice@juneau.org.