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Elective surgery update from Bartlett Regional Hospital

September 17, 2021 – News

In response to the community’s needs, Bartlett Regional Hospital will resume conducting inpatient elective surgeries, effective September 20.

“I am excited that we once again can provide this service to our community and surrounding communities,” wrote Chief Nursing Officer Kim McDowell in a letter to primary care providers.

Bartlett leadership is thankful to the Juneau community for heeding COVID-19 mitigation recommendations to allow for surgeries that may require a post-operative stay in the hospital.

“I hope that we will start to see a decrease in COVID-19 cases, so we can continue to serve our patients without interruption,” said McDowell. “If cases continue to increase, the situation will be re-evaluated.”

“Decisions such as delaying surgeries are not taken lightly, and we understand this not only affects providers, it especially affects the patients we serve,” she added.

“Our operating room staff are ready and willing to accommodate local surgical needs,” notes Chief Operating Officer Vlad Toca.

Outpatient procedures such as biopsies, colonoscopies, endoscopies, injections and cataract surgeries have been continuing as scheduled.

For more information, contact Bartlett Regional Hospital Chief Operating Officer Vlad Toca at 907-796-8678 or vbtoca@bartletthospital.org.