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CBJ reports five new COVID-19 cases in Juneau

October 5, 2020 – News

The City and Borough of Juneau Emergency Operations Center is reporting five new individuals with COVID-19 – four are residents and one is a nonresident. Public Health is attributing two of the cases to secondary transmission, one to out-of-state travel, and one is under investigation. The nonresident is in the mining sector. Three of the five total new cases came in late Friday, one over the weekend, and one today.

Cumulatively, Juneau has had 307 residents test positive for COVID-19 since March and 101 nonresidents. Combined, there are 26 active cases in Juneau and 380 individuals have recovered. All individuals with active cases of COVID-19 are in isolation. There are currently three people with COVID-19 hospitalized at Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Statewide, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services reports 197 new people with COVID-19 – 194 are residents and three are nonresidents. Alaska has had 8,613 cumulative resident cases of COVID-19 and a total of 974 nonresidents.

DHSS urges Alaskans to exercise caution and take the following steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Get tested if you feel sick at all. Stay home and isolate; don’t be around others if you are not feeling well.
  • If you test positive, let close contacts know so they can protect others.
  • Quarantine for a full 14 days if you are a known close contact to a person with COVID.
  • Avoid the 3 C’s: Crowded settings, close contacts, and confined spaces. Keep you contacts limited and your social circles small.
  • Do the 3 W’s: Wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands.

For detailed information on COVID-19 in Juneau, read the City and Borough of Juneau’s Emergency Operations Center daily updates here.