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CBJ needs a few seniors to potentially get vaccine one week early

February 3, 2021 – News

A small number of COVID-19 vaccine doses – anywhere from one to 12 doses – are anticipated to be left over this upcoming weekend, February 5-7, due to the logistics of vaccine distribution. These doses must be used quickly. Clinic organizers – Juneau Public Health Center, Bartlett Regional Hospital, Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, and City and Borough of Juneau – are looking for individuals to sign up for these leftover doses. Individuals must be currently eligible for a vaccine based on the State of Alaska eligibility system, have not yet received a first vaccine dose and are available for a second dose 21 days later, and are willing to wait in the parking lot of Centennial Hall for 30-60 minutes if called. If you fit these criteria and are willing to help, sign up here.

Who might be interested in this?

  • A senior (age 65 or older) or a health care worker who is already signed up for the February 11-12 clinic and is willing to get the vaccine one week earlier
  • A senior (age 65 or older) or a health care worker who has a schedule conflict with the February 11-12 vaccine clinic

If you’re interested in helping the clinic organizers by signing up for this process, fill out this form as soon as possible. A handful of individuals will be randomly picked for each day and will receive a phone call if selected. Even if you are called to wait, you may not get the vaccine; it will depend on how many extra doses are left over at the end of each clinic. CBJ appreciates those eligible individuals who are willing to sign up and wait. Signing up to help with this process will not jeopardize your appointment at the February 11-12 clinic if you are not selected.

For more information, email covidquestions@juneau.org.