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CBJ cataloging community damage from recent storm event

December 11, 2020 – News

Recent storm and flooding events in Juneau caused significant damage to both private and public infrastructure. Governor Mike Dunleavy signed a public assistance Disaster Declaration for Southeast Alaska, including Juneau. The Juneau Assembly will consider declaring a local disaster for the City and Borough of Juneau at its Regular Assembly meeting December 14. In an effort to understand the entirety of the damage in the community, CBJ is collecting information from the community to catalog the damage. Fill out this web form to describe what damage your residence, business, or agency sustained.

The State of Alaska’s Disaster Declaration activates the State of Alaska Public Assistance program, which is designed to help communities, government organizations, and certain non-profits make repairs to utilities, public buildings, roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure damaged by the storm. In addition, the Public Assistance Disaster Declaration will reimburse communities and agencies for eligible response costs associated with the disaster event. The Disaster Declaration also initiated a request for federal Public Assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

A CBJ disaster declaration, if issued, would give more weight to a regional request for federal funding. Please note: While public entities could get reimbursed for damages under the public assistance disaster declaration, private properties are not eligible. Submitting information to CBJ about damage is not part of any claim process; rather it helps CBJ and the State Emergency Operation Center understand the breadth and volume of damage in the community, and helps inform the recovery process.

For more information, contact Emergency Programs Manager Tom Mattice at 586-0419 or [email protected]; or Engineering/Public Works Director Katie Koester at 586-0800 or [email protected].