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Call for Immediate Halt to Discharge of Non-Biodegradable Materials in Sewers

November 16, 2022 – News

The CBJ wastewater treatment facility at Auke Bay has recently been inundated with a version of a disposable industrial mop head (see photos) that is clogging the facility and interfering with the wastewater treatment process.  The CBJ Utilities Division asks that those responsible for discharging this and similar non-biodegradable materials to our sewer system halt this practice immediately and dispose of these materials properly as solid wastes.

Photo of mop head extracted from wastewater    Photo of mop head clogging wastewater processing equipment

Discharges of this type of material or any substance into the CBJ sewers that interferes with the sewer or treatment system directly threatens our waterways and marine life and is legally prohibited as per CBJ’s sewer code (75.02.080 (a)).

Please direct any questions or comments regarding this matter to the CBJ Utilities Division at (907) 586-0393.