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Bartlett Regional Hospital institutes a no visitor policy

April 8, 2020 – News

Purpose: To keep Bartlett Hospital’s environment as safe as possible for patients and
staff. This change is required to assure our ability to serve the community in need of
health care through these challenging times.

Directive: Effective Wednesday April 8th at 3:00 PM, Bartlett Hospital will be instituting
a no visitor policy. No visitors will be allowed into the building at any time.

Attempts will be made to supply as much information and to connect patients with their
loved ones to the extent possible using communication devices such as cell phones,
IPad, etc.

Any visitor fitting one of the exclusion criteria will be required to stay in the room with
the patient at all times. There will not be a swapping in and out of support person or
approved visitor.

The cafeteria will be closed to any visitors. Patients with visitors meeting the criteria to
remain in the room will receive a guest meal provided in the room.

Noted Exclusions Are:
1. The significant other / partner to a laboring mother

2. The parent/guardian (one) of a minor child

3. A licensed and train midwife, attending birth of client

4. The legally authorized representative of a protected / high risk patient

5. Impending death unless Covid-19 infection is likely cause of death* (one visitor)

6. Law Enforcement

7. MD approved, supervised visits for specific reasons to assure “transitions of care” are done safely can be approved but will be supervised, and time limited.

8. Other exclusions may be granted by House supervisor and/or Administrator on Call.

*In an effort to protect the family from the risk of contracting Covid- 19, we will be
allowing no visitors in the room with Covid patients while dying unless another
exception criteria is met.