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Airport offers free and paid parking options so you don’t have to wait at the curb

April 25, 2018 – News

To comply with federal security regulations and ensure public safety, it is prohibited to park, wait, or leave your vehicle unattended on the front curb of the Juneau International Airport terminal. Starting May 23, the penalty for doing so will be $100. Currently, the fine is $25. The only thing that can take place on the front curb is active loading and unloading.

Luckily, the airport provides both free and paid options for parking and waiting:

  • A free Cell Phone Lot waiting area is located near Alaska Industrial Hardware. This is an ideal place to wait while a passenger is disembarking the plane and getting luggage. The driver must remain with the vehicle at this lot.
  • Short Term parking, which is the lot closest to the terminal, offers 15 minutes of free parking. This is useful if you need to go inside the terminal for any reason, like to help a passenger collect bags from the baggage carousel or to help a passenger get to the vehicle.
  • After the first 15 minutes, the Short Term parking lot becomes a paid option; up to 60 minutes costs $3. The adjacent Long Term parking lot is another paid parking option.

The rule prohibiting parking, waiting, or leaving your vehicle unattended on the front curb of the terminal is posted in front of the airport and regularly announced through the airport’s public address system. The rule is also not unique to Juneau. Since 9/11, The Transportation Security Administration requires any commercial airport with large, scheduled air carriers to have a clear zone. Aside from the TSA mandate, the four lanes in front of the airport is a road, which allows access for ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Traffic and vehicle congestion in front of the airport is a safety hazard.

Juneau Police Department officers and certain airport staff members are authorized to issue warnings and tickets for violations. Regardless of enforcement presence, the rule is always in place. For more information, please contact the Airport Manager’s Office at 789-7821.