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Hardening the lower Nordic trails at Eaglecrest

November 12, 2021 – FYI

Eaglecrest Ski Area’s mountain operations staff recently hauled additional rock from the quarry down to the lower Nordic trails; this is the final step of the ongoing Nordic trail improvements started at the beginning of the summer. Rocks were distributed along the lower parking access and Meadow Loop trails before being compacted down into the ground. This effort will improve trail stability during the early season or when the snowpack is low.

Eaglecrest is unique in comparison to many other ski areas because its terrain is largely comprised of muskeg – soggy, muddy ground and pools of water. These conditions make trail maintenance a more difficult challenge, especially along the Nordic trails which are classified as forested wetland or open peatland. By adding and compacting additional rock, the natural snowfall will form a much more durable snowpack than it would on open muskeg land.

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