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April 13 Special Assembly Meeting

April 13, 2020 – News, Notices for Public Comment

The Special Assembly Meeting begins at 5 pm today and will be broadcast live on https://www.facebook.com/cbjuneau or https://vimeo.com/cbjuneau.

Agenda items include COVID-19 Update and Actions, and items for public hearing:

  • An Ordinance Amending the Continuity of Government Code to Improve City and Borough of Juneau Procedures for Emergencies.
  • An Ordinance Amending the Civil Defense Code to Improve City and Borough of Juneau Procedures for Emergencies.
  • An Emergency Appropriation Resolution Appropriating $200,000 to the Manager for an Emergency Rental Assistance Program; Funding Provided by the Affordable Housing Fund.

Read the full agenda packet for more details on these items and others.

To provide public comment telephonically on non-agenda and public hearing items, call 907-463-5043 up to 15-minutes prior the beginning of the meeting.

  • Callers will hear a message stating they have reached the Alaska Legislative Teleconference System and to stay on the line until they can be assisted by an operator.
  • Operators will ask the caller to identify their Name and the meeting they are calling for. The caller should provide their name, inform the operator that they are calling in for the CBJ Special Assembly meeting and identify the topic(s) they wish to testify on.
  • Public lines will be muted by default but will be unmuted by CBJ staff when it is that individual’s turn to testify.
  • The Mayor will determine the amount of time allotted to each person based on the number of individuals who are requesting to testify. The Clerk will introduce the speaker, inform them of the amount of time they have to testify, and identity of the next speakers in line so they can be ready to testify.
  • Following each caller’s testimony, the Mayor will ask the caller to stay on the phone to be able to answer any questions from Assemblymembers.
  • Once public testimony has been closed, all callers connected to the meeting will be place on “mute” for listening purposes only.